How much vitamin D do doctors take?

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The personal daily supplementation doses of physicians


It is natural to want to know how much doctors take just as it is to copy them.

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Dr. Eric Madrid

“Most studies have shown that 800 IU to 1000 IU daily of vitamin D are needed for adults to see any benefit,” says Dr. Eric Madrid. “However, blood levels are frequently deficient at these doses, so maximal benefit may not be seen. Most people need at least 2000 IU daily of vitamin D to get their blood levels to a normal value of 32 ng/ml (80 nmol/L) or more. I personally take 5000 IU daily and occasionally up to 10,000 IU without problems. With this dose I achieved a blood level of 44 ng/ml (110 nmol). However, have your doctor check your vitamin D blood level to ensure that the dose of vitamin D you take is sufficient. Do not just assume that since you take 2000 IU, your body has adequate blood levels of vitamin D; it may actually be too much for you or, more likely, not enough.”– Dr. Eric Madrid, Vitamin D Prescription: The Healing Power of the Sun & How It Can Save Your Life, 2009, pp. 50-51.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Campbell, a YouTube doctor, believes Dr. Fauci takes 6000 IU per day. He said he received an email from someone who had personally emailed Fauci and asked him. He believes the forwarded email is authentic. Dr. Campbell proceeded to reveal how much vitamin D he personally takes, comparing it to the levels some say are appropriate, noting by how much Dr. Fauci exceeds a government advisory.

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Video showing Fauci email, Timestamped (0:32)
NHI Guidelines (
Dr. Holick

Dr. Holick told the Boston Herald he’s been taking “6,000 units a day for decades.”1

Higher dose for cancer
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Mega list of high-dosing doctors and scientists
(Snapshot of self-reporting PhDs)

There is a long list of doctors and scientists which reveal how much they personally take and how much they actually recommend. Some of the numbers are expected (4000 IU or less), but some are surprising (over 10,000 IU).

  1. Alexi Cohan, “Boston study suggests seniors with enough vitamin D have reduced risk of dying from coronavirus,” Boston Herald, Apr. 17, 2021. [Nov. 2, 2021].

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